Terms & Conditions

    Luumoo.gm is a free commerce website where users can convenient buy and sell their legal properties. To use Luumoo you have agreed to the following terms and conditions:
  1. Product you are selling :
    • The product I am selling legally and unambiguously belongs to me.
    • The product I am selling is in good conditions and works as expected.
    • I agree to remove this product once its sold.
    • I agree this product is available and this is not a Spam.

  2. Product you are buying.
    • I agree to contact this person and possibly buy this product at my own cost.
    • Luumoo proprietors are not in anyway responsible for the lost of my money.
    • Luumoo proprietors cannot in anyway be held responsible I encounter any problems during and after the purchasing of this product.

    • Non-involvement of Luumoo.
    • I understand that the proprietors of Luumoo are not in anyway involved in the buying and selling of the products posted on the Luumoo website.
    • I understand that Luumoo is just a website providing a platform for buying and selling.

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