How do I post an ad?

Posting an ad on Luumoo.gm is quick, easy and completely free! Simply click the Green Post Your Ad button in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions. We will activate your ad once we reviewed your ad. This usually takes about 1 hour during the day.

How do I delete my ad?

If you would like to delete your ad, go to the ad you would like to delete and click the "Delete" link at the bottom of the ad.

How do I edit my ad?

If you would like to edit your ad, go to the ad you would like to edit and click the "Edit" link at the bottom of the ad. You will need the password for the ad.

How long do ads stay on Luumoo.gm?

Ads appear for 180 days, unless you manually delete them. If you need help deleting your ad, contact us.

I posted an ad but can't find it. What’s wrong?

All ads are reviewed against fraud and spam so it can take up to 1 hour before an ad is published on the site. If you still can't find your ad after 1 hour, it may have violated our posting rules. If your ad was not approved, you should have received an email explaining the reasons. If you have been waiting longer than 24 hours for a response from us, you may have given us the wrong email address when you posted the ad. Try posting again or contact us. If you are an account owner, your ads that are currently under review are listed on your "Profile" page, in the "My ads".

Why has my ad been rejected?

All of the ads are manually reviewed - if your ad violates our posting rules it will be rejected. You can read what changes you have to make before the ad can be approved in the rejection email.

I'm getting contacted about an ad I didn't post. Can you help me?

Of course. Please contact us and we will help you right away.

How does this site make money?

The basic service of selling and buying will always be free on Luumoo.gm. However, we are not currently making any money from the site.

What are the rules for posting on Luumoo.gm?

We don't allow ads that contain:
  • an item or service that is illegal in The Gambia
  • an item or service that is not located in The Gambia
  • an invalid phone number or email
  • an unrealistic offer
  • offensive language
  • offensive pictures
  • text in the title or description that is not related to the advertised item or service
  • pictures that do not match or clearly show the advertised item or service
  • a non-specific item or service, e.g. a description of a company in general terms
  • a URL link that is not relevant to the advertised item or service
  • offers and requests for items or services in the same ad
  • the same content as another ad
  • “work from home" jobs

How do I sign up for a user account on Luumoo.gm?

Signing up for an account on Luumoo.gm is quick, easy and completely free! You can either go to the Login page and click on the Sign up Tab then fill out your details. Once you have signed up, a link will be sent to your email with instructions on how to activate your account.

How do I log in and log out of my account?

To log in to your account, simply go to the Log in page and enter your email and account password. To log out of your account, simply click the "Log out" link.

How do I change my account details?

To change your name, phone number or password, or to add an address or location , go to your account's "Settings" page. Please note that the email address for your account cannot be changed after your account has been activated.

Why can’t I log in to my account?

If you are having trouble logging in to your account, please check that you have:
  • signed up for an account
  • activated the account via the link sent to your email
  • entered the correct email address and password on the log in page.
If you are still having trouble accessing your account, please contact us.

How to sell fast?

Use Social Media to reach a more wider audience.

  1. If you are a facebook user, then take advantage of social networking to share your ad to your friends and circles on facebook.
  2. Suggest your friends to suggest your ad to their friends, who will again suggest it to their friends and so on until your ad reaches a wider audience. The more people get to know about your ad, the faster you sell.

Pick the right price - everything sells if the price is right.

  1. Browse similar ads and pick a competitive price.
  2. Consider how much buyers are willing to pay - the lower the price, the higher the demand.

Use good pictures - more people view ads with pictures.

  1. Use original photos - ads with photos of the actual item(s) sell faster.
  2. Take clear photos - use good lighting and different angles.

Provide a clear title and description - focus on information that is relevant to buyers.

  1. Imagine yourself as the buyer - what would you want to know if you were looking for this item?
  2. Keep the title short and simple - use key words that people might search for (e.g. item name, brand/company, model/type).
  3. Be honest in your description – describe any imperfections along with details of the item's features.

Stay Safe

At Luumoo.gm we are 100% committed to making sure that your experience on our site is as safe as possible.

Here you can find advice on how to stay safe while trading on Luumoo.gm.

General safety advice

  • Keep things local. Meet the seller in person, check the item and make sure you are satisfied with it before you make a payment.
  • Exchange item and payment at the same time. Buyers – don’t make any payments before receiving an item. Sellers – don’t send an item before receiving payment.
  • Use common sense. Avoid anything that appears too good to be true, such as unrealistically low prices and promises of quick money.
  • Never give out financial information. This includes bank account details, eBay/PayPal info, and any other information that could be misused.

Scams and frauds to watch out for

  • Fake payment services. Luumoo.gm does not offer any form of payment scheme or protection. Please report any emails claiming to offer such services. Avoid using online payment services or escrow sites unless you are 100% sure that they are genuine.
  • Fake information requests. Luumoo.gm never sends emails requesting your personal details. If you receive an email asking you to provide your personal details to us, do not open any links. Please report the email and delete it.
  • Fake fee requests. Avoid anyone that ask for extra fees to buy or sell an item or service. Luumoo.gm never requests payments for its basic services, and doesn't allow items that are not located in The Gambia, so import and brokerage fees should never be required
  • Requests to use money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These services are not meant for transactions between strangers and many scams are run through them. Avoid requests to use these services.

Luumoo.gm's safety measures

We work continuously to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience on Luumoo.gm.

Our safety measures include:

  • Hiding your email address on ads you post to protect you from spam.
  • Making constant improvements to our technology to detect and prevent suspicious or inappropriate activity behind the scenes.
  • Tracking reports of suspicious or illegal activity to prevent offenders from using the site again.
  • Providing safety advice to help you protect yourself.

Reporting a safety issue

If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, please report your situation to us immediately.

If you believe you have been cheated, we also encourage you to contact your local police department.

Contact us

If you did not find the answer to your question or problem on this page, then please get in touch with us using the form below. We endeavor to answer your messages as soon as possible.

What is Luumoo.gm?

Luumoo.gm is a website where you can buy and sell almost everything. The best deals are often done with people who live in your own town or on your own street, so on Luumoo.gm it's easy to buy and sell locally. All you have to do is select your location.

It's completely free to publish a classified ad on Luumoo.gm, and it takes you less than 2 minutes. You can sign up for a free account and post ads easily every time.

Luumoo.gm supports the widest selection of popular second hand items all over The Gambia, which makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. So if you're looking for a car, mobile phone, house, computer or maybe a pet, you will find the best deal on Luumoo.gm.

Luumoo.gm does not specialize in any specific category - here you can buy and sell items in more than 30 different categories. We also carefully review all ads that are being published, to make sure the quality is up to our standards.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, just click the Contact Us Tab.

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